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Cirrus Photonics is the North American distributor for the Seric XELIOS TM solar illumination lamp, solar simulators and KLV custom OEM lamp solutions designed to your specific applications requirements.

XELIOSTM Solar Illumination Lamps

Seric's XELIOS TM solar illumination lamps deliver the most accurate spectral rendering of natural sunlight that can be artificially produced. XELIOS TM incorporates proprietary xenon lamps, current management, and spectral filtering technology to deliver a stable and reproducible simulated solar illumination source with an unparalleled lifetime. It is ideal for applications involving color rendering, matching and evaluation including dentistry and dermatology, art restoration, textile printing, paint and pigment development, food and agricultural inspection, product testing and photography.  

Solar Simulators from SericTM
Seric TM offers solar simulators for evaluation of both photovoltaic (PV) cells and modules compliant with JIS C 8912 and 8933 CLASS AAA requirements. These simulators are tailored to meet to your facility, technical application and budget requirements. Options include fiber coupling output and enclosures for component testing such as lenses and displays. Both continuous and duration testing systems are available. 

Custom OEM Lamps from KLV  

We offer a variety of custom OEM quartz tungsten halogen (QTH) lamp sources tailored to meet specific application requirements. We offer a choice of filament types and reflector coatings mounted in precision designed assemblies built to reliably meet the your most challenging system requirements in the UV-VIS and IR spectral ranges.


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